working in a hostel australia

Working in a hostel in Australia

You may not think much of hostel jobs, you may even thinking that hostel work is just a waste of time, all you do is just party; but you might just be wrong. Hostel jobs or working in the backpacking industry, believe it or not, provides a myriad of opportunities for those who enjoy a slightly different lifestyle to the norm.
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For the traveller, work in a hostel is a chance to meet new people; it is a chance to fuel the hunger and urge of traveling by exchanging stories with other travellers that come to stay at the hostel. In the midst of it, the traveller may get new ideas of where to go next and tips of the do’s and don’ts of the different places in the world. Who knows, you may even find a companion to travel the world with.

For the culture-fascinator, it provides the chance to experience the diversity of different cultures from different backpackers from different parts of the world. It is an opportunity to learn about a different culture; the food they eat, their lifestyle, their taboos. It serves not only to satisfy your urge to fulfil your own cultural knowledge but also to prepare yourself if or when you plan to visit those countries.

For the networker, hostel jobs will provide opportunities to make new friends, even if it is just to increase the number of friends one has on Facebook. At the same time, you may increase the range of your networking and maybe gain access to useful connections into the backpacking or general travel industry. With these connections, not only more opportunities will arise, but it will be easier to venture into a career within the backpacking industry if you decide to.

Working in a hostel can be an enhancing experience; to gain new knowledge of places yet to be visited, to have a peek into the different cultures that backpackers bring with them or act as a stepping stone for your future. It can also be extremely amusing. In the end of it all, working in a hostel is not about the parties and fun, it can be very enriching if you allow it to be.

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All our hostel workers are paid in accordance with the National Employment Standards and you have the added opportunity and choice to stay and meet fellow travellers for a fair rent payment per week to the hostel.

We have a range of enquiries from different people who want a big break before settling down in their various careers back in the UK. Often we get those seeking a profession in medicine whether as nurses or doctors, who want to eventually train as consultants. They range from GPs to rhinoplasty surgeons. All will be made very welcome in Australia.

We have a network of hostels across Australia and New Zealand that would be keen to hear from you!