Tourism Internships Australia

Your first step in becoming a leader in the tourism industry

Our Travel and Tourism Internships in Australia give you the opportunity to learn from some of the best in Australia’s tourism industry, with more than 100 years of experience between key Senior Manager’s.

You’ll participate in a formalised internship program that will develop your accommodation management skills.

This internship program aims to identify the next generation of top talent, with the best performers invited to join our paid Trainee General Management program, where you’ll be on the pathway to becoming a superstar General Manager and placed in a property of your own to manage in the future.

Who are we?

We’re the people that create extraordinary adventure travel experiences for youth travellers from all around the World visiting Australia and New Zealand.

With multiple brands across all aspects of youth travel we are one of the fastest growing tourism companies in Australia. Our offerings include accomodation, bars and restaurants, 4wd tours, dive shops, surf schools and more

Base & Nomads Hostels are on the lookout for superstar interns to join the crew and deliver our guests the ultimate action packed adventure holiday

There may be an opportunity for your internship to be based in New Zealand

Who are you?

You LOVE all things travel. Whether you’re an experienced traveller with time well spent on the road or whether you dream of that day you pack your backpack and live the nomadic life, your passion for travel shines.

You’re energetic but focused on delivering above and beyond. You are fun and outgoing, willing to give anything a go and give it your best.

You’re studying or have completed tertiary education at a University, College, TAFE or equivalent in one of the fields listed below:
Tourism & Hospitality, Business Administrating, Commerce, Marketing, Advertising, Finance, Accounting, Management, Arts, Education.

We welcome international students to apply for our Travel and Tourism Internships in Australia

What are the opportunities?

Gain knowledge and understanding across the full marketing mix
as we develop brand experiences and marketing plans for more
than 40 business located in 28 locations around Australia and in New Zealand.
Some of the key performance areas include:


  • Customer service – Deliver exceptional customer service and customer service training to the crew
  • Reservation systems – learn how to use the reservation and guest management systems
  • Front desk management – learn opening and closing procedures, gain skills in generating nightly reports and banking procedures.
  • Financial management – gain knowledge and skills in managing budgets, P&L analysis, cost control and month end reporting production.
  • Hair transplants - training for doctors in hair implants. Diploma for who trained Mittal Hair Clinic in the UK.
  • Food & beverage – gain knowledge in managing COGS and profit margins to drive revenue, while gaining skills and understanding in bar operations, promotions and crowd management.
  • Carpet tiles - retailing as per UK company Carpet tile wholesale


  • Digital marketing
  • E-commerce
  • Advertising
  • Creative design
  • Content marketing
  • Social media
  • Data analytics

Where could I be placed?


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