working holiday visas

Working holiday visas

If you’ve never had a working holiday, or applied for a working holiday visa (or WHV), in a country like Australia or New Zealand it can be pretty hard to organise it all by yourself. What do you have to do, to arrange and to think of when you are planning a working holiday to the other side of the world?

Working Holiday Visa Information Australia & NZ

Let’s begin with the most important thing to arrange before you can start your trip to Australia or New Zealand: Your Working Holiday Visa.You need to know that it can take some time receiving a WHV (depends on the way of applying and the country you are living in at the time). Make sure you start applying well in advance and be as careful as possible with filling in the government forms.

Travel and Work during your trip

Another important point you have to think about is; what are you going to do during your trip? With your Working Holiday Visa it is possible to combine your work with actually travelling around the country you’re in. A combination of discovering the beautiful country and working to meet new people and of course you need money for paying your stay and do everything you want to!

Work & Travel Deals

And to make it even more simple we provide Work & Travel Packages, to make life that little bit easier for you, so you can focus on the fun things…We take care of all the little but most important things you need to arrange for your trip to Australia or New Zealand. The following things are included in the Work & Travel packages: Accommodation in a Nomads Hostel or Base Backpackers, help with getting a Tax File Number (or IRD), A Sim Card and we help you with arranging a back account – for the whole list of what’s included click one of the links below:

…so all the boring stuff you need to do to be able to earn cash can be done for you!