Looking for Staff? We can help.

Job Search is the “go to” resource for international travellers entering Australia and New Zealand on a Working Holiday or Student Visa. We work across all industries and attract varying candidates from non-skilled to graduates with several years industry experience.

All of our candidates will come to you “work ready.” This means they will have a bank account, TFN/IRD, Medicare (where applicable), Contact mobile number and are all VEVO checked.

Unlike other work and travel companies, we will also pre-screen candidates on your behalf and work closely with you to understand the needs of your business. Instead of having hundreds of emails fill up your inbox, you will only receive candidates who match your pre-determined criteria, saving you time and money. We post all your jobs through our members website and social media platforms.

Best of all, we offer this service for a very competitive price. All options include weekly posting of your job on both our website and Facebook page to ensure that your job advert is at the top of the list. As previously we will pre-screen the candidates that apply and send forward the applications that best match the criteria you outline to us.

Just ask us about our low successful placement fees, starting at $50!!!!

Call us:

    • T: +61 2 8405 5517 in Australia
    • T: +64 9 357 3996 in New Zealand

During the business hours of Monday to Friday 9:00am to 5:00pm (EST/NZDT)